Antigen Testing now preferred by Schools in Ireland

The rising number of children being kept out of school due to Covid-19 could be stemmed using antigen testing. The information came after it was made in a statement by the head of the Irish SME Association.

The HSE estimates there could be as many as 14,000 children out of school as they are a contact of a Covid-19 case. The majority are young children in primary or creche settings and so cannot be left home alone causing, what ISME described as,’massive burdens’ for working parents.

According to Neil O’Donnell, chief executive of ISME, Many businesses are still offering work from home as an option but under government plans, that are awaited to be changes later in month of september.

Currently as an aftermath, antigen testing is being used in some schools and university settings. It’s being lead by the ex-dean of University College Cork’s medical school, Professor Mary Horgan. For vaccinated students, there is an easy in guideline. Vaccinated students without symptoms do not have to restrict their movement in close contact areas.

The Department of Education has been issuing guidance on this issue, and has now released a list of 11 symptoms for children. This follows confusion among parents about symptoms of Covid-19, and the fact that children have been in school while infectious, even being returned to school immediately after doing a test instead of waiting on the results.

Accordign to us, if this rule comes into place, Testeaslab antigen rapid test would be the best, most easy option for the upcoming future generation of nation.

About Testeaslab Rapid Antigen test

The fast and convenient solution for people looking for fast alternative of getting tested for Covid-19. The kit has a 97.6% Sensitivity rate, 98.4% specificity rate and 98.1% accuracy rate.

The Testsealabs antigen rapid test kit is developed as point of care (POC) and is user friendly test with prefilled test tubes. The tests are carried out on site by trained professionals and identify the pathogen of COVID-19 and its antigens right after.

The rapid antigen test is already listed with the new performance data at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) under the number AT082 / 20 and is therefore reimbursable.
BfArM: Antigen tests for direct pathogen detection of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.


Benefits of Testsealabs Rapid Antigen Test Kit

  1. The Testsealabs Rapid Antigen Test kit is CE Certified and Refundable test. It is listed at the Federal Institute For Drugs and Medical Devices according to the Coronavirus Test Ordinance (TestV) under Number AT129/20.
  2. The implementation of Testsealabs Rapid Antigen Test kit is performed by medically trained professionals.
  3. The process is easy and quick. It takes 10-15 minutes to get results.
  4. The Testsealabs Rapid Antigen Test kitis Reliable and gives results in high-accuracy.
  5. The Testsealabs Rapid Antigen Test kitcan be performed as a nasopharynx and oropharynx smear.
  6. The Testsealabs Rapid Antigen Test kitis developed as Point of Care (POC). No equipment is required, all consumables are present in the kit, making it easy to use and saving time and energy.
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